Frequently Asked Questions

AudiQR™ is a result of several months of research and development in Nepal by the finest mechanical and electronic engineers. It is designed to be robust, reliable and easy to use.

What does AudiQR do?

AudiQR provides instant payment confirmation through voice for QR Code transactions, offering peace of mind for users.

Where is AudiQR made and who designs it?

AudiQR is engineered and designed in Nepal by a team of the finest mechanical and electronic engineers working at Yarsa Tech.

How reliable is AudiQR?

AudiQR is designed and engineered to be secure and reliable for years, it's one of the flagship products of Yarsa Tech.

What customizable features does AudiQR offer?

AudiQR is fully customizable. You can match it with your brand identity, or order a custom feature to meet your specific needs.

What are the connection options for AudiQR?

AudiQR supports GSM, Wi-fi, and hybrid connections. You can choose the variant that best suits your needs.

What support and warranty options does AudiQR come with?

AudiQR comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, 2 years of free repairs provided there are no visible physical damages, and 5+ years of support for device software.

How does the AudiQR secure cloud dashboard work?

The secure cloud dashboard allows you to manage your AudiQR devices, onboard merchants, and change settings from a centralized location.

Can I update the firmware of AudiQR remotely?

Yes, you can update the device's firmware remotely and over-the-air. You can also customize the device in real-time, or disable it completely from the cloud.

What are the pricing plans for AudiQR?

AudiQR offers a variety of pricing plans based on the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). These include Wi-fi Basic, Wi-Fi Portable, GSM Portable, and Hybrid Portable. Prices range from Rs. 2,000+VAT to Rs. 3,600+VAT.

How does the battery life of AudiQR stand out?

AudiQR's 2,000 - 2,200 mAh Li-ion battery provides a long-lasting backup, powering the device for hours, and supports playback of hundreds of transactions in a single charge.